Sunday, December 19, 2010

Toastmasters New Year Resolutions for 2011 Year of the Rabbit

Above are New Year postcards from China and Taiwan. The Year 2011 of the Metal Rabbit is just around the corner and time for new year resolutions to be made. Here is a possible list for Toastmasters at 3 different levels.

I make a resolution to

1.1 Attend club meetings more regularly.
1.2 Try to speak at Table Topics session instead of declining with excuses
1.3 Remember to turn off my mobile and pay attention to the speaker instead of chit chatting with my neighbor.
1.4 Willing to play different roles assigned by Vice President of Education
1.5 Do at least 1 project speech every six months

2.1 Bring a guest to the meeting
2.2 Take part in a speech contest
2.3 Achieve 1 educational award for the term
2.4 Visit another Toastmasters Club
2.5 Attend a District Convention

3.1 Sponsor a new Toastmasters Club
3.2 Campaign to be the next Club President
3.3 Win at the Division level speech contest
3.4 Achieve my Distinguished Toastmaster
3.5 Conduct a Youth Leadership Program