Saturday, September 24, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: N2 Area Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest, September 24, 2011

When N2 Area Governor Beenal Baba invited me to be a judge at N2 Area Contests to held in Intel PG9, Penang Island on September 24 Saturday afternoon, I could not resist for two reasons - I was the first N2 Area Governor in 1993-94 and I used to work at Intel Penang. No regrets.

As I was late on arrival as judge at Penang Seagate Club Contests the last time, I wanted to be early this time. Judges' briefing was scheduled at 12:30pm. I was at Intel PG9 car park at 12:20pm. Improvement made.

N2 Area has 5 assigned clubs for 2011-2012. There were 4 contestants for both Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation - one each from Bayan Baru, Intel Penang, Intel MSSC and Penang Altera. PDC did not send any contestant. May be next year?

As Division N has 4 areas, the top two winners of each contest will proceed to the Division level. Drum roll.

Kudos to N2 Area Governor Beenal Baba, Chief Judge DPRO Yoon Peng Yew and the Organizing Chair, Contest Chairs and organizing team who had helped to have successfully organized both area speech contests well.

Well done to all the contestants!

Congratulations to N2 Area Humorous Speech Contest 2011:
- Champion Jerry Low of Penang Altera
- 2nd place Tang Shin Chze of Intel Penang.

Congratulations to N2 Evaluation Contest 2011:
- Champion Jerry Low of Penang Altera
- 2nd place Terence Lee of Bayan Baru.

Members of Bayan Baru present were President Eileyn Chua, VPE Jack Ch'ng, VPPR Lim Kah Ying, contestants Koay Kah Hin and Terence Lee, Chew Yew Seng, Au Wai Ying and myself.