Friday, July 31, 2009

Bayan Baru Toastmaters Club President's 2009-2010 Theme Speech

"Imparting Knowledge, Realizing Dreams"

What I envision this term is to make simple practical changes.

As a community club we are privileged to have members from diverse backgrounds. Every member has a different views and expertise.

We are people organization. To sustain and grow, we need to constantly encourage one another and build each other up. Be generous with your praises.

Think or try out something out of the box. TMEs, role players if you have any new ideas, bring it up to the VPE or me. Let’s coordinate for the better.

For tenured members, I would encourage all of you to continue to doing assignments. A knife needs to be honed else it will rust. Learning is a life long process, by going thru the assignment second time around, you might have different insight.

I have a dream. A dream to lead the club to greater heights to my best of my ability. In order to achieve my dream, I need to make a major decision... A decision which is to stand out of my comfort zone. With past learnings as exco member within the club and with club members support nothing is impossible.

Every one of us has dreams. Dreams are just dreams if it is not put to action.

We are at the beginning of the term. Have your education goals written out and determine a dateline for yourself. Why? It helps you to be focus. It also helps the club officers to track your educational progress.

Toastmasters program gives equal opportunity to all who wants to focus on the leadership track. Most of us are rarely given opportunity in real working environment. Toastmasters program is a proven program that has transform many lifes and careers. Take a step beyond the four walls by making your self available as a resource.

Time management
In the moments of truth, one of the reasons members cannot be retained and potential members do not sign up is due to poor time management. How can we make a manage it? Make it a point to arrive early and all role players need to work within the allocated time slots. Everyone’s time is precious. Time that flies will never return. If there any additional follow up, you may do offline via phone or email.

What can we do if we arrive earlier? Help to set up the meeting room, greet one another and initiate a conversation to get know one another better. Sometimes we have guest attending our meetings. Brief them on the meeting flow and get to know them better during break.

When a meeting runs overtime, guest and members leave meeting in a hurry as they need to get back to work the next day or fulfill their commitment with their family... There is no time to bid farewell or close off the sale with potential members. After every meeting ends, some members still need time to clear the room.

"Change is inevitable. Change is constant"....Benjamin Disraeli

With this few positive changes we will achieve to great heights.

Looking forward to serve all of you.

Jessica Teo
President 2009/2010
Bayan Baru Toastmasters (7764-51)

Division N - Which Club in Which Area? July 31, 09 Update

With the coming Division N Contests, are also wondering which Clubs are now aligned into which Area...

My opinion - it is best not to constantly realign clubs and that any realignment is in the best interest of the affected club and with the prior consent of the club Exco and members. Rolling stones gather no moss. It take awhile for dynamic inter-club bonding to take place. When I was a District Officer, I constantly reminded myself the primary role of a District is to help the club help the club members - not the other way around.

CURRENT TERM 2009-2010
Source: Toastmasters International Online Report

4388... Butterworth Club
997387. USM ALUMNI Toastmasters Club
752.... Penang Toastmasters Club
6843... Penang Seagate Toastmasters

7764... Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club
9699... Intel Penang Toastmasters Club
918646. INTEL MSSC Toastmasters
1252031 Venture Toastmasters Club

5955... Y.M.C.A. Toastmasters Club
7371... PDC Toastmasters Club
791322. Achievers Toastmasters Club
1204228 Mattel Malaysia Toastmasters Club

1326267 Entegris Kulim Toastmasters Club
1066107 Intel Kulim Toastmasters Club
1149167 MDT Toastmasters Club
813778. MEF Kulim Toastmasters Club
693542. Renesas Semiconductor Kedah Club

8747... Sungai Petani Club
3819... Silterra Toastmasters Club
1364341 Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah
7211... Kulim Toastmasters Club

1350324 Oracle Advanced Toastmasters Club
1197199 Penang Altera Toastmasters Club
8156... Darulaman Club
693567. Institut Perkim-Goon 1 Club
693895. Sg Bakap Toastmasters Club

1060821 YMSC Penang Bilingual
694333. Penang Muslim League Tamil Club
2881... Penang Tamil Club

LAST TERM 2008-2009

Area N1
2881 Penang Tamil Club, Butterworth
4388 Butterworth Club, Penang
693895 Mavericks, Georgetown
1197199 Penang Altera Toastmasters Club, Bayan Lepas

Area N2
7764 Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club, Bayan Baru
9699 Intel Penang Toastmasters Club, Bayan Lepas
744720 Mas Tanjong Club, Bayan Lepas
918646 Intel Malaysia Speak Up Toastmasters, Penang

Area N3
5955 Y.M.C.A. Toastmasters Club, Georgetown
791322 Achievers Toastmasters Club, Georgetown
694333 Penang Muslim League Tamil Club, Georgetown
1060821 YMSC Penang Bilingual, Georgetown
1204228 Mattel Malaysia Toastmasters Club, Prai

Area N4
3819 Silterra Toastmasters Club, Kulim
693542 Renesas Semiconductor Kedah Club, Kulim
813778 MEF Kulim Club, Kulim
1066107 Intel Kulim Toastmasters Club, Kulim
1149167 MDT Toastmasters Club, Prai

Area N5
7211 Kulim Toastmasters Club, Kulim
8156 Darulaman Club, Alor Star
8747 Sungai Petani Club, Sungai Petani
1195151 Naza Gurun, Gurun
1252031 Venture, Bayan Lepas, Penang

Area N6
6843 Penang Seagate Toastmasters, Penang
7371 PDC Toastmasters Club, Georgetown
693567 Institut Perkim-Goon 1 Club, Penang
930248 St Nicholas Toastmasters, Penang

Area N7
752 Penang Toastmasters Club, Bayan Lepas
4171 Langkawi Toastmasters Club, Kuah
997387 USM Alumni Toastmasters Club, Georgetown
1060816 Metro, Georgetown

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

AH1N1 - No handshakes, self-quarrantine

Photo: A(H1N1)Virus, Source: Internet

Today, there are more reports of schools being closed in Malaysia due to local transmission of AH1N1 infection.

Not to create a panic, it is important to keep ourselves updated on the current situation and take public health and personal health precautions.

My personal opinion, if you feel unwell with high fever and suspect you may be having a flu, stay away from Toastmasters events and go see a doctor immediately.

According to BBC online source, "a fever - which is a temperature of 38ºC (100.4ºF) - is the key symptom, combined with other complaints which may include a cough, sore throat, body aches, chills and aching limbs. Some people with the virus have also reported nausea and diarrhoea." Symptons are known to vary in degrees and mildness from person to person.

At Club meetings, instead of the routine handshake, we can greet each other or transfer control of meeting with a warm and hearty smile and plenty of friendly eye contact.

Personally, I feel that wearing a face mask during a club meeting or sneezing and coughing continuously during a club meeting is best avoided. Just stay away until you feel better. Food for thought.

Some links I read. Just google for more....

UK National Health Service

BBC Q&A about AH1N1

World Health Organization - Latest reports of AH1N1 (Swine Flu)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Invitation to Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club Installation and Humorous Speech Contest

As Michael Jackson sang, "I'll Be There".

"Will You Be There" at Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club 14th Installation and Humorous Speech Contest.

Please contact OC Goh Hock Hai or Club President Jessica Teo.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How many Clubs in Penang (Pulau Pinang)?

(Updated July 14, 2009)

If you are looking to join or visit a Toastmasters Club in Penang, Malaysia, here is my list to help you decide.

Some clubs are extra dynamic. Some are smaller and cosier. Others may not meet as often. So do call ahead using this Toastmasters Internatioanal Official Directory. If not sure, you can post here. Most community clubs will welcome walk-in guests who are interested to know more about the Toastmasters program for self-development in communication and leadership skills.

Note: (Year of Charter, Membership, Meeting Time)

I) PENANG ISLAND (Community Clubs)
Bayan Baru (1996, 43, 1st, 3rd Thu 8pm)
Butterworth (1980, 13, 2nd, 4th Wed 8pm)
YMCA (1985, 20, 1st, 3rd Thu 8pm)
Penang (1979, 11, 2nd, 4th Tue 8pm)
Achievers (2005, 20, 2nd, 4th Thu 8pm)
Gurney Hydro (2007, 20, 1st, 3rd Wed 8pm)
Farlim (2005, 23, 2nd, 4th Wed 8pm)
Vista Penang (2002, 22, 1st, 3rd Tue 7pm)
Sungai Ara (2006, 13, 2nd, 4th Tue 8pm)
Penang Advanced (2002, 13, 2nd, 4th Fri 7:30pm)
Helping Hand Advanced (2009, 20, 1st, 3rd Mon 8pm)
Oracle Advanced (2009, 20, 2nd Sat 2pm)
Penang MCA (1997, 20, 1st, 3rd Tue 8pm)
Bukit Gelugor (2006, 24, 2nd, 4th Wed 7pm)
MCA Batu Ferringhi (2005, 6, 4th Thu 8pm)
Penang Junior Chamber (2008, 7, 2nd, 4th Sat 1:30pm)
Voices (1999, 20, 2nd, 4th Thu 8pm)

Bayan Baru Mandarin (1998, 24, 2nd, 4th Thu 8:30pm)
Penang Hokkien Assn. (1999, 22, 1st, 3rd Wed 8:30pm)
Chee Hoon Khor (2002, 11, 1st, 3rd Thu 8:30pm)
Charismastic Leader (2000, 10, 1st, 3rd Tue 8:30pm)
Superstar Mandarin (2008, 8, 2nd, 4th Tue 8pm)
Talkup Advanced Mandarin (2005, 6, 2nd Wed 8:30pm)

Penang Tamil (6, 2nd, 4th Wed 8:45pm)

YMSC Penang Bilingual (2007, 11, 2nd & 4th 9:30pm)

II) PENANG ISLAND (Inhouse Clubs)
Intel Penang (1993, 25, 1st, 3rd Thu 6pm)
Intel Malaysia Speakup (2006, 6, 1st, 3rd Fri 3pm)
Penang Seagate (2002, 35, 2nd, 4th Thu 12pm)
PDC (1989, 20, 2nd, 4th Thu 4pm)
Dell Penang (2005, 21, Thu 6pm)
Penang Adventist Hospital (2007, 21,1st,3rd Wed 5:25pm)
Penang Altera (2008, 22, 1st, 3rd Mon 12pm)
Motorola Penang (2005, 27, 1st, 3rd Thu 12pm)
Institut Perkim-Goon 1 (2004, 20, 2nd, 4th Sat 10am)
Renesas Semiconductor (2003, 26, 2nd, 4th Tue 6pm)
RenesasSuccessPenang(2007, 20, 1st, 3rd Tue 6:30pm)
RDM (2008, 6, 2nd, 4th Thu 6pm)
Benchmark Penang (2007, 13, 2nd, 4th Wed 12pm)
Equator (2008, 8, 1st, 3rd Wed 6pm)
USM Alumni (2007, 8, 2nd, 4th Tue 4:30pm)
Venture (2008, 0, 2nd, 4th Thu 5pm)
Pentamaster (2009, 25, 2nd, 4th Fri 12pm)

III) PENANG MAINLAND (Community Clubs):
Seberang Jaya (1998, 20, 1st, 3rd Tue 8pm)
Bagan Ajam (2006, 26, 2nd, 4th Fri 8:15pm)
Bukit Mertajam Bigfoot (2006, 9, 2nd, 4th Wed 8pm)
MEF (2003, 20, 1st, 3rd Thu 8pm)
Sungai Bakap (8, 2nd, 4th Thu 8pm)

Wellesley Mandarin (2003, 13, Wed 8:30pm)
CES Mandarin (2008, 6, Wed 9pm)

IV) PENANG MAINLAND (Inhouse Clubs):
Amphenol (2009, 20, 1st, 3rd Wed 5:30pm)
Ann Joo Steel (2005, 6, 2nd, 4th Wed 12:30pm)
MDT (2008, 22, Mon 12pm)
Team Flantech(2008, 20, 1st, 3rd Wed 8pm)
Mattel Malaysia (2008, 29, Tue 12pm)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Toastmasters International Presidential Theme for 2009-2010

Gary Schmidt's Presidential Theme 2009-2010

"Toastmasters: Confidence. Leadership. Service."

"Toastmasters International is in the building business. We don’t build homes or automobiles or other structures; we build people—with confidence, leadership and service.

Before we become skilled communicators and leaders, we first gain the self-assurance and belief that we can indeed become who we were meant to be. Toastmasters provides the tools to build our confidence.

After we gain confidence, we develop our talents in leading others.
Leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish goals and objectives. Every single one of us is a leader, whether we serve as an elected officer, a mentor to a fellow club member, or simply invite a friend to visit a club. Leading others helps us lead our own lives in the direction of our dreams.

With our improved confidence and leadership skills, we then serve others. When you help others achieve their goals and dreams, they help you achieve yours. Your self-confidence continues to grow and expand, as do your leadership skills, and when these are combined, your capacity to serve others is enhanced. The circle of personal development grows and continues! Serving the World Service extends beyond Toastmasters. With the confidence and leadership skills Toastmasters instills in each of us, it is our opportunity and responsibility to use those talents to serve and improve the world. Serve your family, your community and your profession. Make the world a better place than it was before you arrived.

Call to Action
Whether you are a new member, an officer or a past leader, keep the ideals of confidence, leadership and service ever-present in your mind through the coming year. Continue to engage in Toastmasters’ education programs, achieve in the Distinguished Club, Area, Division and District programs, bring new members to your clubs, and involve yourself in all the programs and events Toastmasters International offers. With all these tools for the taking, you will improve your life, the lives of your fellow members, and the lives of all those in the world who are touched daily by the power of Toastmasters."

Breaking News... TI June 2009 Report @July 10, 2009

Yippee... Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club (7764-51) again achieved President's Distinguished Club for the term 2008-09 - achieving 10 out of 10 goals.

Membership Base: 46; Membership @June 30, 2009: 41
1) Competent Communicators = 2
2) Additional CCs = 2
3) Advanced Communicators = 1
4) Additional ACs = 1
5) CL, AL, or DTM = 1
6) Additional CLs, ALs, or DTMs = 1
7) New Members = 4
8) Additional New Members = 11
9) Officers Trained (both required)
Jun-Aug = 5; Dec-Feb = 5
10) Submitted on time (both required)
October or April Renewal = 2;
Officer List = 1
Total Goals Achieved: 10 out of 10.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Toastmasters @ Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Source: Official Website District 51 - 17th SemiAnnual Convention at Genting Highlands, October 23-25, 2009.

"Dear Toastmasters,
We will conquer Genting Highlands by October this year!

For the first time, we are going to have an Absolutely Magical experience on the highland which is 6118 feet above sea level. We will witness the 17th Semi Annual Convention 2009 in Genting Highlands from 23rd October 2009 ~ 25th October 2009.

Be there to have an "Absolutely Magical" moment and make it part of your Toastmasters learning experience!

Be there to experience an "Absolutely Magical" connection prevalent amongst fellow Toastmasters!

Be there to feel how "Absolutely Magical" being a Toastmasters can effect change to your life!

Sign up now to guarantee your place in the most "Absolutely Magical" experience you will enjoy approximately 1850m above sea level with the most "Absolutely Magical" Toastmasters family!

The package details are as follow:
Non Residential Package
Package A:
- RM430 nett per person

Residential Packages (3 days 2 nights)
Package B1:
- RM650 nett per person, twin sharing deluxe room
Package B2:
- RM730 nett per person, twin sharing superior deluxe
Package B3:
- RM800 nett per person, single occupant deluxe room
Package B4:
- RM990 nett per person, single occupant superior deluxe
Package B5:
- RM770 nett per person, twin sharing world club room
Package B6:
- RM1060 nett per person, single occupant world club room

To register, please click HERE for the Registration Form.

Convention Organizing Chair: Gerald Quentin"

New District 51 Governor Richard Chong's Message

"Greetings and salutations to the members District 51!

You were born to be significant. As you begin the term 2009-2010 on July 01st 2009 within your club under the leadership of your Club President and the new executive committee, you will have the one opportunity to transform yourself and the club in which you are a member.

You can choose to be a volunteer and yet still shape your world to your specifications, or you can be a victim and let circumstances dictate your design. You can choose to ensure your significance in your club even if it is only for a term. You don't have to wait until much of your life is past before thinking about the legacy that you leave. The earlier you begin to participate meaningfully within your club, area, division and beyond, the greater the impact you make on your own world and of course your club.

It is determined by what you do and why you do it. In your club activities, the one year term is short when measured by the things you can do with it. The challenge, then, is to choose your actions and activities meaningfully.
Every moment you give to insignificance diminishes your significance.

You can also achieve significant by completing an educational award as in Competent Communicator or an Advanced Communicator award or the Leadership award. The significance of completing this challenging task will ensure your club of achieving the educational goals, support your club meeting and help to attain the minimum Distinguished Club status for the coming term.Introducing this program to people at your workplace or community is another very significant thing you can do. By doing so, you will witness how they will speak their way to magical transformation.

You were born to be significant, and your support to your home club is invaluable. Use the opportunity to transform yourself through the world’s leading organization in communication and leadership training within your club and beyond.As you embark on another new term and journey in your Toastmasters world,

I wish you every success.I know that you will gain the confidence and leadership to serve your club and our district.

I look forward to witnessing you in speaking your way to magical transformation as a Toastmaster.

Toastmasters: Speaking Your Way to Magical Transformation

Yours in Toastmasters,

Richard Chong @ Ritchie, DTM
District 51 Governor 2009-2010"
Ritchie's Blog

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2009-2010 Club Exco of Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club (Updated Aug 6, 2009)

On Thursday, June 4, 2009, the 2009-2010 Club Officers of Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club (7764-51) of Penang Island, Malaysia were duly elected. Heartiest congratulations!

President - Jessica Teo
Vice President Education - Goh Hock Hai
Vice President Membership - Eileyn Chua
Vice President Public Relations - John Ung
Secretary - Teh Ghim Hong
Treasurer - Teoh Teik Thong
Sergeant-At-Arms - Ng Sim Choo
Immediate Past President - John Yeoh

Visit our Bayan Baru Toastmasters official website