Friday, January 9, 2009

Forecasts - Year of the Ox

I just received above postcard of a famous Chinese painting of "Five Oxen" from Wuhan, China. What will the Year of the Ox brings to your Club?

1. The Ox is the second animal of the Chinese zodiac animals of Earth and Yin origin. The Ox will work hard and persevere and so all Club Officers and District Officers if they work hard without complaints like the Ox in 2009 will achieve all the DCP and District goals without any problems.

2. The Ox is strong and a born leader - honest and sincere but stubborn. So it is important that the Club President continues to lead with conviction and yet it is important to be flexible and tolerant to club members in meeting their different personal individual goals.

3. Clubs can expect to lose as many old members as new members join. It is important in 2009 to focus on ensuring that all members, new and old, are able to do their speeches, play different roles, conduct workshops to keep harmony, peace and avoid conflicts. Conflict resolutions and win-win situations are areas to watch out for especially in the middle of the year.

4. Quality of speeches and evaluations and meeting standards are under threat with changing attitude and lack of discipline. External factors affecting the club meeting atmosphere can be brought under control with patience and strong cooperation.

5. Financial scandals may happen and it is important that auditors and treasurers keep a close eye on careful spending and scrutinize all claims.

6. Overall, there is much optimism and hope that 2009 will be a year of recovery from the unexpected events of the preceeding year of the rat. Staying calm and confident, more open communication and leadership by example will result in a strong results in 2009 end.

Disclaimer: Above forecast report is pure fiction. As saying goes, "You are what you think". Have a great year in 2009 - Year of the Ox.

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Beng Sun said...

What insights to the predictions for the 'OX' year.

For Prediction No.3--Clubs can expect to lose as many old members as new members join. I think it is important that Toastmasters is more than public speaking. We have to be relevant in meeting members' needs e.g. some members want to learn presentation skills, some members want to improve their English, some members want to practise PR skills, some members want to persuade others to take action. For example Speechcraft is a very useful session where members are encouraged to speak up. By this way, we know how to cater for members' needs.

For Prediction No 5--Financial scandals...this must be one of the important agendas for me. As auditor, I have to keep watchful eyes on the companies' expenditures.

For Prediction No 6-- 2009 is a recovery year...hopefully for the things we do would bring joys, cheers, happiness just like the Bayan Bayan Toastmasters 'SPEAK UP TO REACH OUT'.