Tuesday, October 12, 2010

District 51 - 18th Semi Annual Convention, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

(This message is to all Toastmasters who have yet to register for the 18th Semi Annual Convention. To register, please download your form from: http://tm51connects.blogspot.com)

12th October, 2010

Dear Toastmaster,
Happy Day! Greetings and Good Cheer to you.

Arising from our message to all Toastmasters on Sunday last, there were numerous persons who inquired about Individual as well as Sub Package Rates for the Convention.

It was encouraging to receive responses from numerous TMs, who, although not able to participate fully in the entire Convention, were nevertheless keen to attend some of the more important events to their liking, or those that fitted better with their own circumstances.

Also, many students, particularly those from colleges and college clubs, showed keen interest in wanting student tickets.

Here then – attached to this message (Download here)– are 10 different Packages that we have made available for you. It is almost like going to your favorite store, and being allowed to pick n choose, mix n match, and even to fit according to your own time and tide.

For this Convention, we are pleased and proud to have comfortably conformed to our DG’s request that the Convention rates should be shaved to bare bone prices, and that breaking-even should be the guiding philosophy in pricing.

Students will therefore be extremely pleased, that the entire Convention Package is offered to them at Super Early Bird prices… prices that were offered about 5 months ago at the Miri Convention… PRICES MARKED-UP BY A MERE TEN RINGGIT FROM THE HOTEL’S RATE QUOTED TO THE COMMITTEE.

Those purchasing Individual Event or Sub Package Tickets will also be pleased – pleased and relieved – to know that the mark-up for them is closely comparable to the door fee one pays for certain Area and Division events.

You may therefore rush for your tickets… but please take care not to stampede and trample.

N J Singam
Organising Chair
18th Semi Annual Convention
Toastmasters International, District 51

+ 6 016 – 396 3242; njsingam@gmail.com
http://tm51connects.blogspot.com ; tm51connects@gmail.com

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