Thursday, August 25, 2011

Visiting Penang Seagate Toastmasters Evaluation Contest - August 25, 2011

Better late than never - Rain or shine - I kept reassuring myself. It was raining, not exactly raining cats and dogs but I was late for to this lunch time Evaluation Speech Contest of Penang Seagate. I have agreed to the Chief Judge N1 Area Governor Sze Wei to be one of the judges. Finally after a stressful drive through the traffic in rain, finding a lucky park space, going through the factory security, I finally arrived at the Conference Room and all eyes waiting for me for the Contest to begin.

It was a well organized speech contest and hats off to the Contest Chair and her team and to all the five contestants for evaluating the test speaker E-Jiat who is a dual member of YMCA Penang and Achievers Toastmasters. It was great to see the new Penang Seagate Club President John Yeo in action. John is a Past President and dual member of Bayan Baru Toastmasters too.

I enjoyed listening and judging all the five contestants. Well done to all contestants. The Evaluation Club Champion 2011 of Penang Seagate Toastmasters is Bafvrita, 2nd place is Tan Chu Kian and 3rd place is Nadiah.

It was a bit of dejavue for me attending Penang Seagate Toastmasters as I was one of the Club sponsors of this Club - return of the prodigal sponsor.

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