Sunday, September 28, 2008

Visiting Beijing China Capital Toastmasters Club @ Aug 21, 2008

On a Thursday night last August 2008, I visited the Beijing China Capital Toastmasters Club. I was visiting Beijing for the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

I had googled for "Toastmasters", "Beijing" and it was one of the club websites that caught my attention.

So one great way to pull visiting Toastmasters or members of public to your club is to have an attractive club website online.

There was no guest fee, so it was free! I volunteered to be a silent evaluator in the Competent Leadership manual for a member who was playing her role as General Evaluator.

I also participated in giving my 2 minutes speech in the Table Topics session. Hey... if you travel all the way from Penang to Beijing, you gotta say something and make your presence felt.

I also gave out my Toastmasters cards to a few members of the club.

One of the club members had lived in Kuala Lumpur. There was another visiting guest who was also a Malaysian and also in Beijing for Olympic Games. Great minds think alike they say - it is true then.

For the record, I have visited Toastmasters Clubs in Shanghai and Guangzhou before and now Beijing.

Photo 1 - President Yann leading the meeting.

I enjoyed the meeting and the warm hospitality. The club members were (are) young and dynamic Toastmasters. I took these photos without prior permission and posted them here without prior permission.

If you are in Beijing, visit the Beijing China Capital Toastmasters Club.

Photo 2. Supportive and enthusiastic members.

This is my first blog entry. Will make it more interesting later. Always the first time.

Photo 3. Toastmaster of the Meeting


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Hi SL Liew,
It was nice to see you visiting our Beijing Toastmasters club during the Olympics. Hope to see you again soon!

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dongdong said...

Hi,Pennang,I am Mary,a member from CCTMC.I also joined this meeting.And i am so happy find your blog by search CCTMC. Hope you good luck and happy time!

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