Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Bit of History: Medan First and Deli Toastmasters Clubs

This week, I received an email from Division H Governor Elect Indriani Asfa about sharing the early history of her home club Deli Toastmasters for their upcoming Club Birthday Celebration. So I looked up for some old photos for this posting.

When I was District 51 Governor in 1997-98, the Toastmasters Clubs in Indonesia were all concentrated in Jakarta in Java with a corporate club each in remote Kalimantan and Irian Jaya. I was hoping that Toastmasters International would expand to Sumatra and all major islands in Indonesia. The opportunity soon arrived.

Ibrahim Champion and Hasti came to Penang to seek assistance to form the first Toastmasters Club in Sumatra. Ibrahim is an Australian and both of them were Toastmasters before in Jakarta. They visited my then home club, Butterworth Toastmasters with meeting venue at Tanjung Club in Tanjung Bungah, Penang Island.

Photo 1: Ibrahim Champion mesmerized by Uncle George of Butterworth Toastmasters showing the ropes - a magic trick.

Photo 2: Hasti visiting my parents' house and looking at their travel photos.

Photos 3-7: A Toastmasters demonstration meeting in April, 1998 in Medan. Butterworth Club President Ahmed Bazari and myself flew to Medan to attend this club meeting.

Ibrahim Champion and Hasti were instrumental for the determined initiative, unwavering moral and financial support to ensure that both Medan First and Deli Toastmasters Clubs were chartered in June, 1998 and continued running.

As I had promised, I went back to Medan a second time at the end of June 1998 to attend the joint Charter Night of Medan First and Deli Toastmasters Clubs.

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