Saturday, June 20, 2009

Judges Training Workshop - June 20, 2009

At the request of Division N Governor, I recently conducted a judges training workshop at YMCA Penang. The emphasis is on being an honorable judge, overcoming any potential bias during judging and on familiarity with the judging criteria of the different types of speech contest.

International Speech Contest
- 50 percent is on content (speech development, speech effectiveness, speech value)
- 30 percent is on delivery (physical, voice, manner)
- 20 percent is on langauge (appropriateness, correctness)

Humorous Speech Contest
- Similar to International Speech Contest with additional criteria on audience response
- Therefore, technically, a humorous speech contest is even harder to judge than international speech contest

Table Topics Contest
- Has reduced number of criteria than International Speech Contest.
- Easier to judge because same topic given but harder because the time given for speech is shorter

Evaluation Speech Contest
- Criteria are totally different from above 3 contests
- Criteria are Quality of Analysis, Recommendation, Technique, Summation
- No criteria on delivery skills like physical, voice and language

There is a 5th contest which is the Tall Tale Contest. Though each District is restricted to 4 types of contest, any club can hold this contest at club level for variety.

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