Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pictures of District 51 Semi Annual Convention @ Genting Highlands, Malaysia - October 23-25. 2009

Convention photos received from DPRO Rosalind Chan. Thanks.

Hope someone has more photos to share especially of welcoming night. Would be fun for those of us not there to see who was dressed as wise wizard, wicked witch, innocent looking fairy or pixie or mischevious goblin or bloody thirsty Dracula. Anyway enjoy these more drab and serious photos except for some tongue-in-cheek expression of glee of contest winners.

Like they say, a picture paints a thousand words - so no name naming nor comments included.... on second thought, I can't resist. For clarification, DPRO Rosalind only emailed the photos, all photo comments are made by me alone and I was not even at Genting. Hope this posting will cheer your day and bouy your Toastmasters spirit.

Photo 1 - My guess is this is a group photo of organzing committee and/or hosting divisions of Klang Valley. I wonder anyone had any time to play the jackpot and made a quick buck. Note: Genting Highlands is a 7/24 Casino resort.

Photo 2: All the 3 top contest winners of D51 Humorous Speech and D51 Evaluation Speech Contest. "I won, I won" .

Photo 3 - Division N delegates. I recognize the faces. My own Division covering Penang and Kedah. I recognize Bayan Baru members - DPRO Rosalind Chan and Division N Governor Koay Kah Hin with District 51 Governor Ritchie Chong and others....

Photo 4 - Congrats Rozana of Brunei Speakers. D51 covers Toastmasters Clubs in Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia - at least for this year. Next year, we split again.

Photo 5 - Ah ha... My good friends - DPRO Rosalind with Low PDG Yat Seow. Comrades in Toastmasters.

Photo 6 - DPRO Rosalind in the Gang of 12, mainly from Division N.

Photo 7 - I recognize familiar faces... the Mandarin Toastmasters. Ni men hao. Ban nian da hui hen pang ma? (in Pinyin Mandarin)

Photo 8 - Got to be serious now. The District 51 Governor Richard Chong presenting a souvenir of appreciation to the Key Note Speaker Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

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