Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kuantan Toastmasters, Pahang (formerly Vistana)

Last year, upon my request, I received a nice postcard of Kuantan from Past President Vincent Lim of Vistana Toastmasters Club in Pahang.

Today, I thought I should return the kind favor by posting their change of club name and venue..

Note: The change of Club name or venue or meeting date is a major decision and reinvent by any club after careful deliberation. It requires approval of two third majority and the change must be submitted by the Club Secretary in writing to Toastmasters International. There is a special TI form.

FYI - Vistana Penang has also changed name to Vista Penang.

Kuantan Toastmasters Club (formally Vistana Toastmasters Club)

Dear Kuantan Toastmasters Members, Mentors and Guests,

This is the first TME write-up since we change our club name (formally known as Vistana Toastmasters Club). I hope this short write up will remind us about to always be positive and keep in touch in this ever changing world.

As we are celebrating our 84th anniversary of Toastmasters International on the month of October, we at Vistana Toastmasters will embark our new chapter in another new venue. 31 Oct 2008, a historic day for Vistana Toastmasters Club.

Today we are having our Toastmasters meeting at our new venue at Pahang Ceylonese Club.

In line with our theme of that evening "Change for the Better", we also were inform by our Mdm. President TM Sarimah about the change of our club name. Effective Nov 2008 the club Exco decided to change our club name to Kuantan Toastmasters Club. Truly a big change for us.

It was a great start for us having 7 guests on that memorable evening. We have four guests from Hong Leong group consist of Dennis, Aaron Tee, Mr Lim and Danny. We also have Su Chin @ Susi from P&G, Mr Adnan, a retiree and Amidah, our regular guest.

During the Table Topic session four of our guest participates as Table Topic speakers conducted by our President TM Sarimah. It was a well receive session as most of the guest attempted this session for the first time. Well done to all the Table Topic speakers on that evening for a splendid performance especially Aaron Tee who pick up the Best Guest Table Topic speaker. Thumb up for Table Topic Master Sarimah for motivate the Table Topic speakers to "Open their mouth".

In the second part of our meeting, we have 3 assignment speakers who attempted their communication manual. They are TM Fong Siew Ching who is doing her Ice Breaker entitle "Autobiography". It was a short and sweet Ice Breaker by Siew Ching who share with us her background and why she being a Toastmasters.

Later, two of our club leaders share with us their Project 8: Get comfortable with visual aids. TM Pohlin with her speech title "Garbage Enzyme, The Savoir" and TM Sarimah with "Cheap but Good". What can I say about their performance is "Magnificent", "Truly great speeches". I should bring a video recorded to capture their excellent speech.

During the evaluation session, all the speakers have been point out their strong point and room for improvements. Above all I feel the members and guests have enjoy the meeting and is good to known two of our guest Amidah and Mr. Adnan is going to be apart of Kuantan Toastmasters club soon. A big thank you to all the role players and speakers that make the meeting a success and memorable.

To sum up, I must say thank you to Pahang Ceylonese Club for renting us a good and comfortable meeting place for us to continue our Toastmasters aspiration.

P.S. Thanks to Gunedran for recommend this new venue to us.

Courage to Make a Difference

Your TME,
Vince Lim
31 Oct 2008

NOTE: Map & Address of New Venue:

Peratuan Ceylon Pahang
A-4834, Tingkat 1,
Lorong Seri Kuantan 25,
Taman Intan, 25250, Kuantan,
Pahang Darul Makmur

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