Tuesday, November 4, 2008


After following closely the speeches, debates and rhetorics of Barack Obama-Joe Biden and John McCain-Sarah Palin, D-Day is within the next 48 hours that will have worldwide impact.

On Tuesday, Nov 4, 2008, the USA Election will decide who will be the next American President.

Elections are held simultaneously at all 50 USA states but several key battleground states will be closely watched as they can swing either for Democrat Senator Barack Obama or Republican Senator John McCain.

Here are the states to watch on Tuesday depicted by map postcards taken from my postcard collection.

Results of Florida voted President George W Bush into the White House in 2000 and 2004.

Update: Obama wins Florida!

Pennsylvania is a traditional Democratic state that Republican needs to win over to get McCain to win the electoral votes.

Update: Obama wins Pennsylvania!

Ohio is an important state that both Obama and McCain will try to win.

Update: Obama wins Ohio!

Virginia is another state to watch. Previously a Republican (red state) stronghold but may turn Democrat (blue state) due to changing demographics - younger people moving into the state, etc.

Update: Obama wins Virginia!

More than any states, results of Missouri has predicted who the next President is.

Nov 20 Update: Was too close to call. Two weeks later, it is confirmed that Missouri goes to McCain. This is the only the second time in history that Missouri results did not go the eventual new President.

If the race gets tight, Colorado could be the decisive state.

Update: Obama wins Colorado!

So enjoy watching the election this Tuesday (our Wednesday) and may the best person win, preferably Obama.

Update - Projected Electoral Wins (Goal to Win: 270 Electoral Votes) :

8am Penang Time, Nov 5, 2008
Obama (3) - Vermont(3)
McCain (8) - Kentucky(8)

Obama (77) - Connecticut(7), Delaware(3), District of Columbia(3), Maine(+3), Maryland(10), Massachusett(12), New Jersey(15), Illinois(21)
McCain (34) - Oklahoma(7), South Carolina(8), Tennessee(11)

Obama (102) - New Hampshire(4), Pennsylvania(21)
McCain (34)

Obama (174) - Michigan(17), Minnesota(10), New York(31), Rhode Island(4), Wisconsin(10)
McCain (49) - Alabama(9), North Dakota(3), Wyoming(3)

Obama (194) - Ohio(20)
McCain (69) - Georgia(15), West Virginia(5)

Obama (207) - Iowa(7), New Mexico(5), Maine(+1)
McCain (89) - Kansas(6), Louisiana(9), Utah(5)

Obama (207)
McCain (135) - Arkansas(6), Mississippi(6), Texas(34)

Obama (297) - Virginia(13), California(55), Hawaii(4), Oregon(7), Washington(11)
McCain (139 ) - Idaho(4)
Obama wins 270!

12:30pm Penang Time Nov 5, 2008
Obama (333) - Florida(17), Colorado(9)
McCain (155) - Arizona(10), Nebraska(+3), South Dakota(3)

3am Nov 6, 2008 update
Obama (349) - Indiana(11), Nevada(5)
McCain (163) - Alaska(3), Montana(3), Nebraska(+2)

Note: Missouri & North Carolina -Still counting, too close to call.

Nov 9, 2008 Update
Obama (364) - North Carolina(15)
McCain (163)

Nov 20, 2008 Update - Final Count
Obama (364)
McCain (174) - Missouri (11)


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