Friday, November 7, 2008

Toastmasters Pins

When our Nov 6 Thursday night's meeting was over, our Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club President John Yeoh gave out to Club members the above nice pin of "District 51 The Courage To Conquer".

Apparently it was because our Club submitted the October semi-annual dues early. A big thank you to District 51 Governor 2008-09 Joseph Gomez.

This reminded me of my own small collection of Toastmasters pins.

I always enjoy looking at the many pins that some Toastmasters proudly wear and display especially during special Toastmasters events.

Yet personally, I do not like to wear them myself. Pins are unfriendly to fingers and elsewhere. Pins prick, exact pain and draw blood. Pins also cause permanent textile damages by boring holes into coat lapels, nice shirt collars or expensive ties.

Overall, pins are nice, Great to look at and tells a story. So I just collect them but keep them at home. Now I get to show them off to you.

This is less often seen pin of a gavel. Perhaps contest judges can wear them incognito.

A Merlion souvenir pin given by Toastmasters from Singapore. Exchanging or giving our pins during Toastmaters Convention is cool.

A Kangaroo Souvenir pin from Toastmasters from Australia.

14K Gold Pin. Nice but are so small to read.

So hard to tell the difference between a Toastmaster Pin or Club Officer Pin to the untrained eye. There is subtle differences in szie.

This is an "ATM" pin for Able Toastmaster Pin. Since these awards are no longer given out, this becomes a rare collector item. Interested to buy one, see me as I have a few left. LOL.

This prized coveted "DTM" pin will replaced all the other educational award pins. Can be bought and worn even if you have not earned your DTM yet. But why do that?

The "Past District Governor" pin has a "ruby". It can be worn be a select few but again who knows.

If you are President, buy the "Past President" pin which you can wear forever. The "President" and "Immediate Past President" pin is valid for one year only.

Here is a pin from a District 21 Governor of British Columbia, Canada.

And Toastmasters International Convention Pins. Good news, you can buy past International Convention pins when you attend any current International Convention.

Link: Toastmasters International Online Shop: Pins


Anonymous said...

SL, what an impressive and beautiful collection! I too have a good collection of pins which I cherish. They were mostly earned eg. Outstanding Member pin for being the Division Toastmaster of the Year, Membership Recruitment pins from TI, convention pins, club officers pin. Every pin tells a story too.

SMS Penang said...

Rosalind, Thanks for your sharing. You truly have earned all those glorious pins in your collection. My pins are more of souvenir pins bought or given to me by others.

ke said...

SL,really admire with your pin, but for now i too had 3 pins and i like it so rosalund said every pin tell story .i agree with that.