Sunday, December 21, 2008

District 67, Taiwan Joint Christmas Bash

With Christmas around the corner, I googled for any Toastmasters Club Christmas celeberation. And I found "Taiwan".

I attended a Toastmasters Club meeting in Taiwan a long time ago when Toastmasters International was trying to put Taiwan, China and Japan as one single District with all of us Asian Toastmasters disagreeing and saying that they deserve their own Districts. That is the reality today.

Glad to see that Toastmasters Clubs in Taiwan and District 67 is now on the top of the world with their enthusiastic Christmas and Toastmasters spirit.

Part 1 District 67 Joint Christmas Party 2008

What a Joint Christmas Party we had Saturday evening, December 13th.

Trini won the best Toastmaster award and I won the best costume award. Pamela Yang from Galaxy Toastmasters Club and Cecilia King from Legacy Toastmasters Club had their debut clogging dance performance. Incumbent District 67 Governor Marian Hsiao and Shelly Kuo of Prestige Toastmasters Club decided to join golden ladies clogging toastmasters from year 2009.

Golden Ladies Clogging Toastmasters presented a splendid closing clogging dance for seven minutes at Ming-yu Community Center in Taipei. Six Mrs. Santa danced merrily and joyfully to three Christmas songs, including Christmas Time's A Coming, Sleigh Ride, and Country Christmas. We not only won a big round of applause from the floor, but we also attracted many potential toastmasters to the clogging dance world.

Immediately after the Annual Performance of Thousand Cranes Japanese Dance School at Youth Arts Center, I rushed to D67 Joint Christmas Party in Kimono. The moment I arrived at the fourth floor, Toastmaster Kaku of Innovative Toastmasters Club gave a hearty welcome and led me to the party hall without having to wait in a long line. The hall was packed with more than 250 participants.Five Grand Toastmasters Club members performed Hanagasa Ondo and I gave a solo ad-lib Japanese dance to a western song during the intermission.

I was grateful to have the opportunity to mix the old and new, east and west, to add cultural varieties to Taiwanese Toastmasters Christmas party in 2008. It was a huge success beyond my expectations!If there had been the best performance award of the joint Christmas party, I bet golden ladies would claim it, because six golden ladies in red caught all the attention from the floor even at the end of the party. We brought the party atmosphere to the climax. All of us couldn't feel better and more satisfied to encourage fellow toastmasters members to join us to stay fit, healthy, happy like us.

Many thanks go to Sophia Chen of Grand Toastmasters Club for decorating Santa Caps for Grand's Japanese dancers. Sophia accompanied me from early morning till late evening, helping me with the make-up and hairdo. She took many photos of Japanese speaking toastmasters dancers and announcer. She and I were happy to bridge the gap between English and Japanese speaking Toastmasters Club in Taiwan. Master Kiyomi of Thousand Cranes Japanese Dance School will join the big Toastmasters Family from year 2009. Isn't it a good news?

Toastmasters in Taiwan are one of its kinds, we not only have clubs of different languages (English, Japanese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, Spanish...), but we also have talents from all walks of life. Do you want to add colors to your life? How about adding a new year resolution by visiting a friendly toastmasters club near you?

Sherry Li
Taipei, Taiwan

Part 2: GRAND/NLFD/TTY Joint Christmas Singing Party - Dec 18, 2008

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