Thursday, December 4, 2008


At tonight's Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club meeting, I was the evaluator of the "Presentation of Results" of the High Performance Leadership done by Koay Kah Hin (holding manual below).

High Performance Leadership is a service leadership manual where you have a Guidance Committee to provide ongoing feedback while you are a team leader of a major project. Here, the project chosen was the Joint Installation of Division N and Division S Toastmasters Club held on August 8, 2008.

The manual covers from Vision/Mission/Core Values to Recruting an Action Team, Writing Up An Action Plan, Review of Progress and Overcoming Obstacles and finally to Presentation of Results to the Club members on lessons learnt in leadership.

In doing High Performance Leadership, you rate yourself on six dimensions of service leadership:
1) Vision and Values
2) Direction
3) Persuasion
4) Support
5) Development
6) Appreciation

Tonight Koay Kah Hin had not only completed his High Performance Leadership but also had completed his Advanced Leadership Silver. Photo above: Kah Hin receiving ALS blue ribbon from Club President John Yeoh.

The requirements for ALS included having achieved old CL (or new ALB), served as a District Officer, completed HPL and served as Club Sponsor, Club Mentor or Club Coach.

For the record, Koay Kah Hin was N2 Area Governor in 2007-08 achieving the President's Distinguished Area Award; acheived his old CL in 2007, finished his HPL tonight and had been the Club Mentor for Mas Tanjong Toastmasters of Penang a few years ago.

One more DCP goal was acheived by Bayan Baru Toastmasters tonight.

Well done, Koah Kah Hin, ALS.


SL said...

Malaysian Explorer, Thanks for your comments.
Sorry, I only have permission to use these photos for my blog and for Toastmasters purpose only. SL

Della said...

Well done Kah Hin! It must had been a long journey before achieving this :)