Friday, December 5, 2008

What members said about District 80 Semi Annual Convention@ Singapore....

I have just received this email of photos and comments from our International Director Poh Kim Siong.

District 80 (Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand) is our twin sister District held their recent Semi-Annual Convention during Nov 21-22, 2008 at YMCA Fort Canning Lodge, Singapore.

District 80 Official Website

What members said about District 80 Semi Annual Convnetion @ Singapore ..

CTM - Cozy, Timely & Meaningful convention
ATM - Amazing Time Mingling with all TM delegates
DTM - Don't miss next Time to Meet in HK Convention May 2009

Ivy Chan, ATMB, CL
Division H Governor 2008-2009
Hong Kong

“Learned to be Thankful”

Besides being touched by the Keynote Speaker and Workshop Speakers; inspired by breathtaking District Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests; warmed by caring hospitality of the Organizing Committee, what I learnt most in the Singapore 2008 Semi-Annual Convention is to be Thankful!

I thank so many impassioned Toastmasters friends and distinguished leaders who have given their heart to help us promote and enroll registrations for Macau 2009 Convention. We have received more than 120 registrations in 2 days.

THANK YOU for believing in Toastmasters Conventions, believing in Macau , and believing in Reaching … for your Dreams!

Melanie Hoi
Macau 2009 Semi Annual Convention Chair
Reach For Your Dreams

"Good place, good rest, good food, good performances and good friends! "

Happy to be with brothers / sisters in Singapore Semi Annual Convention. Thanks all for such a good entertaining. See YOU soon in Hong Kong Convention !!

Supin Chaiboonruang, CTM CL
Past Area Governor T4,
President The First Thai TMC Thailand

You demonstrated greatness and humility. You have endeared yourself to the hearts of many. May I salute you, International Director!

Chin Mei Har, DTM

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