Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Announcement: China Toastmasters - Division D Speech Contest in Shanghai

I visited the Shanghai People's Square Toastmasters Club of Shanghai before and since being on their email distribution list of meeting notification.

Today, I just received their email of their Division D Speech Contest. So if you are in Shanghai this Saturday, do not miss this opportunity to meet up with fellow Toastmasters in Shanghai area and observe the best of public speaking.

Dear members and guests,
What's your plan for this saturday, sleep? shopping? or just stay at home

(宅男,宅女)。。。Come on, Why not come to Division D Speech contest? only 20 RMB for the top quality speech contest in Shanghai Toastmasters Community。。。

2:30 to 5:30 pm April 25th
YunFeng Hotel 云峰大酒店
Jing’an Temple Station Exit 1, MetroLine#2

Contestants who are champions from 18 toastmasters club will compete in the division D contest, the winner will go to Beijing for the national final and possibly get the ticket to US for the global contest!

来自toastmaster华东D区18个toastmaster俱乐部的演讲冠军将展开激烈角逐, 胜者将到北京参加全国比赛, 冠军将代表中国到美国参加全球大赛!

Each member and guest will vote for Most Popular Speaker, Best Humor, and Best Message awards!

每位到场的会员和嘉宾都将投出自己神圣的一票, 选出你心目中的最佳人气奖, 最佳幽默奖和最佳演讲内涵奖!

On-site Q&A with contestants, prepare your question and speak out in front of 150 people!

安排了现场访谈环节, 准备好你要问比赛选手的问题, 在150名观众面前大声说出你的问题!

Investment: only 20 RMB for the top quality speech contest in Shanghai Toastmasters Community, no need to book the ticket, just come and pay on door

您只需投资20元人民币, 便可以观看上海Toastmaster的顶级演讲大赛, 无须预购门票, 直接到会场前台支付

We will ROCK you with our passion and dedication, because you deserve a great event to feast your eyes and ear

我们将用激情点燃会场, 用一场极具震撼力的演讲大赛来为您奉献一场如梦如幻的视听盛宴!

Time: 2:30 to 5:30 pm April 25th
2/F, Confrence Room,South Building,
YunFeng Hotel,No#1700, West Beijing Rd.
(Near Jing’anTemple Station Exit 1,MetroLine#2)

云峰大酒店南楼二楼会议室,近地铁2号线静安寺站1 号出口,北京西路1700 (万航渡路口)

Nika Xu
Secretary Shanghai People's Square Toastmasters Club

Time: 19:10-21:10 Every Tuesday (except public holiday)
Venue: Conference room, 4/F Finance Square, 333 Jiujiang Road

Metro No.2, East Nanjing Road Station, Exit4,turn left, opposite the road 地铁二号线,南京东路站4号口,左转,马路对面

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