Monday, April 6, 2009

NEWS: Division Level International Speech & Table Topics Speech Contest Winners 2009

From Melaka and Johor of Division A

Division A International Speech
- Champion: Theresa Leong (Area A-3, Sacred Heart)

Division A Table Topics Speech
- Champion: Marianna Pascal (Area A-3, Sacred Heart)

From Kolej Putra Intelek, Puchong in Division B

Division B International Speech
- Champion: Dennis Wee (Area B-1, D'Utama Advanced)
- Ist Runner Up: Eugene Ng (Area B-4, D'Utama)
- 2nd Runner Up: Lee Mei Foong (Area B-5, Crystal)

Division B Table Topics Contest
- Champion: G. Sivalingam (Area B-4, D'Utama)
- 1st Runner Up: Gerald Quinten (Area B-2, MAS Mawar)
- 2nd Runner Up: Nicole Choe (Area B-5, Phoenix)

From Division C

Division C International Speech Contest Winners
- Champion : Stephen Fernando (Area C-2, Hilton Petaling Jaya)
- 1st Runner Up: Jeremy Teo (Area C-5, NUC)

Division C Table Topics Contest Winners
- Champion: Jeremy Teo (Area C-5, NUC)

From Kuching of Division D

Division D International Speech Contest:
- Champion: Rebecca Chieng

Division D Table Topics Speech Contest:
- Champion: Albert George (Area D-2, Azam)

From Sarawak of Division E

Division E International Speech Contest:
- Champion: Luke Bong (Area E-1, Miri)

Division E Table Topics Speech Contest:
- Champion: Lili Puk (Area E-1, Miri)

From Sumatra-Riau, Indonesia, Division H

Division H International Speech Winners
- Champion: Inn Haryani (Area H-1, Medan First)

Division H Table Topics Contest Winners
- Champion: Sutarno (Area H-2, Polonia)

From Java-Borneo, Indonesia of Division I

Division I Interantional Speech Contest:
- Champion: Vanessa Hendriadi (Area I-1, Jakarta)

Division I Table Topics Contest:
- Champion: Cindy Resita

From Java-Bali, Indonesia of Division J

Division J International Speech Contest:
- Champion: Dinesh Vaswani (Area J-1, The Innovators)

Division J Table Topics Contest:
- Champion: Samaoati Siringoringo (Area J-1, The Innovators)

From Beverly Hotel, Kota Kinabalu in Division K

Division K International Speech
- Champion : Grace Yong (Area K-2, Tawau)
- 1st Runner up: Raymond Pang (Area K-1, Labuan)

Division K Table Topics Contest
- Champion : John Liew (Area K-1, Kota Kinabalu)
- 1st Runner up: Siti Rozana Yunos, (Area K-6, Brunei Speakers)

From Disted College, Penang in Division N

Division N International Speech Contest
- Champion: Ong Swee Keat (Area N-2, Bayan Baru)
- 1st Runner Up : Palaniappa (Area N-4, Silterra)
- 2nd Runner Up: Shankar K (Area N-5, Kulim)

Division N Table Topics Contest
- Champion: Palaniappa Subramaniam (Area N4 - Silterra)
- 1st Runner Up: Ong Swee Keat (Area N2 - Bayan Baru)
- 2nd Runner Up: Shankar K(Area N5 - Kulim)

From Kuala Lumpur of Division P

Division P International Speech Contest:
- Champion: Ahmad Fakhri Hamzah (Area P-1, Semarak)

Division P International Speech Contest:
- Champion: Ahmad Fakri Hamzah (Area P-1, Semarak)

From Penang Adventist Hospital (Nursing College) in Division S

Division S International Speech
- Champion: Saw Chin Bin (Area S-3. Penang Advanced)
- 1st Runner Up: Andrew Oon (Area S-7, Motorola Penang)
- 2nd Runner Up: Lim Seow Hoe (Area S-5, Farlim)

Division S Table Topics
- Champion: Selvaraj Maniam (Area S-2, Syuen BG)
- 1st Runner up: Joanne Tan (Area S-3, Gurney)
- 2nd Runner up: Francis Amer (Area S-4, PAH)

From Kuala Lumpur in Division W

District W Internation Speech Contest Winners
- Champion : Jason Lim (Area W-2, Help University College)

District W Table Topics Contest Winners
- Champion : Mary Barton (Area W-4, WIM)


Johnson Tang said...

Wah, great effort in compiling the Division winners list!

Would like to inform you that Division S International Speech
- 1st Runner Up: Andrew Oon is from Motorola Penang Toastmasters Club in Area S7.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jeremy Teo, Division C TT Champion here. Yes, your blog is correct. It's "Teo". The directory has an error. My surname is not "Theo"... Cheers~~ ps. Good work in compiling the winners!!