Thursday, October 16, 2008

Area Governor Visit - What's Up?

Tonight, our N2 Area Governor Khor Siang Kheng (Intel Penang Toastmasters) visited our Bayan Toastmasters Club meeting. His main purpose was to promote and sell tickets for this October 25 Division N Humorous Speech and Evaluation Speech Contest at Intel Penang.

This term Area N2 consists of 4 clubs only - Bayan Baru Toastmasters, Intel Penang, Intel Speak Up and MAS Tanjong. PDC Toastmasters has been moved out to another Area.

Summary of AG w.r.t. Bayan Baru Toastmasters: "BBTMC is a role model club."

What is the purpose of an Area Governor's visit?

It is a requirement for an AG to visit a club every six months and file a report to Toastmasters International through the District Governor. It includes whether the Club is holding regular club meetings, have a minimum membership of charter strength of at least 20 members and working towards achieving the Distinguished Club Program as well as identifying club members who will be interested in being future District Officers.

In 2007-08, in the N2 Area Council, Siang Kheng was unanimously elected as the 2008-09 N2 Area Governor. In 2006-07, he lost the election to Past N2 Area Governor Koay Kah Hin (Bayan Baru Toastmasters). So if you are keen to be a District Officer, do not worry, you can run again and again and eventually, you will get the opportunity to play this role.

Bottomline, an AG is to help a Club, and only when help is needed, to achieve the Club mission for her members. It is also an excellent opportunity for an AG to learn better communication and leadership skills. Of being a positive motivator and able to discern and appreciate the different club cultures and different ways of doing things by each Club while sharing best practices.

Besides being the Induction Officer to install this term's Club Officers, AG is involved in Club Officer Training and organizing Area level Contests. Strives to achieve President's Distinguished Area Award.

What do this year AG Khor Siang Kheng, in addition to above, hope to achieve further as if above list is not enough for a full time unpaid job.

As I have known Siang Kheng for umpteen years, I will be sending him some easy and hard questions and will post his reply here.

1) What are your goals for Area N2 this term?
2) Where are the areas we need to improve?
3) There are only 4 clubs now in N2 Area, any plans to charter new clubs. If so, where and when?
4) What are your personal goals as Area Governor? Achieve your DTM?
5) How would you like to be remembered after you have completed your term.

If you have any questions you would like to ask the N2 AG, please post them here...

October 25 Update:
Met N2 AG Khor Siang Kheng at the Division N Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest at Intel PG-9 today. Did a quick face-to-face interview. Here is the summary:

Siang Kheng is married with 2 sons and the "Building Owner PG-8" in Intel Penang.

His goal is to achieve President's Disinguished Area. He hopes that Bayan Baru and Intel Penang will achieve President's Distinguished Club again and for Intel Speak Up and Mas Tanjong to achieve Distinguished Club or better.

Personally, he is going to complete his DTM - serving as Area Governor is one of the requirements.

Siang Kheng plans to conduct a Youth Leadership Program and charter a new corporate club by March or earlier.

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