Sunday, October 5, 2008

Toastmasters Abbreviation & Lingo

Below are Toastmasters acronymns. Most are used internationally and others locally in Penang. Many probably confuse first time visitors to our clubs:

ACB - Advanced Communicator Bronze
ACS - Advanced Communicator Silver
ACG - Advanced Communicator Gold
AGM - Annual General Meeting
AH - (Unneccessary verbal utterances as pause fillers)
AL - Advanced Leader
ALB - Advanced Leader Bronze
ALS - Advanced Leader Silver
ATM - Able Toastmaster (Automatic Teller Machine, Ain't Talk Much)
ATMB - Advanced Toastmaster Bronze
ATMS - Advanced Toastmaster Silver
ATMG - Advanced Toastmaster Gold

BTM - (Butterworth Toastmasters Club)
BBTMC - (Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club)

CC - Competent Communicator
C&L - Competent and Leadership Manual
CL - Competent Leader
COT - Club Officer Training
CTM - Competent Toastmaster (Can't Talk Much)

DAP - Distinguished Area Program
DCP - Distinguished Club Program
DDP - Distinguished District Program, Distinguished Division Program
DG - District Governor
DOT - District Officer Training
DPRO - District Public Relations Officer
DS - District Secretary
DT - District Treasurer
DTM - Distinguished Toastmaster (Don't Talk Much, Datuk Toastmaster)
DVG - Division Governor

EGM - Extraordinary General Meeting
EXCO - Executive Committee

FIZ - (Free Industrial Zone)

GE - General Evaluator
GOH - Guest-of-Honor

ID - International Director
IP - International President
IPP - Immediate Past President
IPDG - Immediate Past District Governor

KISS - (Keep it short and simple, Keep it short and sweet)

LGET - Lieutenant Governor of Education & Training
LGM - Lieutenant Governor of Marketing
LTM - Lady Toastmaster (gender bias, no longer used)

MC - Master of Ceremony (Emcee)

OC - Organizing Chairman, Organizing, Chairperson, Organizing Chair

PDA - President's Distinguished Area
PDC - President's Distinguished Club Award (Penang Development Corporation Toastmasters Club)
PDD - President's Distinguished District, President's Distinguished Division
PDG - Past District Governor
PDVG - Past Division Governor
PAG - Past Area Governor
POET - (Project Number, Objectives, Evaluator, Speech Title)
PID - Past International Director
PP - Past President
PSDC - (Penang Skills Development Center)

ROC - Registrar of Company
ROS - Registrar of Society

SAA - Sergent at arms (Single and Available)

TI - Toastmasters International
TLI - Toastmasters Leadership Institute
TM - Toastmaster
TMC - Toastmasters Club
TME - Toastmaster of the Evening
TOD - Toastmaster of the Day
TOE - Toastmaster of the Evening
TOM - Toastmaster of the Meeting
TTM - Table Topicsmaster
TTE - Table Topics Evaluator

VIP - Very Important Person (VIP Reserved seating)
VPE - Vice President of Education
VPM - Vice President of Membership
VPPR - Vice President of Public Relations

WHQ - World Headquarters
WOD - Word ot the Day

YB - (Yang Berhormat)
YLP - Youth Leadership Program

Note: If you have any to add to above, just post under comments. Thanks.

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