Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin vs Biden - Who will be a better Toastmaster

Photo courtesy of ABC News: Sarah Palin vs Joe Biden

Watching live on television the the debate of Vice President Candidates in St. Louis, Missouri.

Republican candidate: Governor Sarah Palin
Democrat candidate: Senator Joe Biden

My personal evaluation and humble opinion:

1) Eye Contact:
Sarah has more direct eye contact with television screen while Joe was reading more from the text and looking at moderator more.

2) Good use of words:
Sarah: "There was greed there, there was deception and there was corruption", "Darn right", "Heck a lot of"

Joe: "Let Wall Street run wild". "Deregulate, deregulate, deregulate". "Guess what"

3) Ah Count:
Sarah: None detected. Sometimes, change sentence mid air.

Joe: Very few. Ummph. Fumbled on some words and corrected himself.

4) Dress Code:
Sarah: Business suite all black with earings and American flag pin

Joe: Black suite, white shirt, blue tie and American flag pin

5) Body Language:

Sarah: More facial expresiion, shake her head when she says "no".

Joe: Used hand gestures effectively, left hand, right hand and both. Holding a pen in his hand.

6) Vocal Variety:

Sarah: Great emotional variation but sometimes the pitch goes high

Joe: When talking on hot topics, excellent vocal amplification but usually lower voice.

6) Overall:

Both Sarah and Joe are outstanding speakers and debaters. We can learn a lot from these two fine orators.

Only area for improvement that both Sarah and Joe often do not reply to the questions asked by the moderator but quickly moved to their view points they want to share with the millions of television audience but that is politics.

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