Sunday, October 26, 2008

Congrats to a new Competent Communicator

Kadijah receiving her CC pin.

When Past Division N Governor Abdul Kadir (Kulim) forwarded the N4 Area Governor Eng Chai's (Intel Kulim) congratulatory email to Kadijah Mohd Ismail (Intel Kulim) achieving her Competent Communicator(CC), I just had to email Kadijah a few questions.
Purpose to share her experience and to encourage other Toastmasters to achieve their CC too.
Q1. Kadijah, When did you join Intel Kulim Toastmasters, why?
Joined around April 2008. Because a friend introduced me to the club.

Q2. Was speaking in English a problem for you? Where did you gain confidence in English fluency in school, work?
Yes, English was a problem for me. I started to gain and build up my confidence in English after I had joined INSEP program~ Aug 2006-July 2007.

Q3. Of the 10 project speeches, which was the hardest? why?
Project 10, the final project was the hardest because I needed to prove to the audience that I was able to combine many presentation skills in one final speech.

Q4. Which project, you did well? why?
Personally, I think I did well in final project because I could see that I was able to combine all important skills that I have learnt from projects #1 to project #10. On top of that, I received a very positive feedback from audience~ members of the Kulim Toastmaster club.

Q5. Many new members are enthusiastic in the beginning and then get stuck or fizzled out. Who? and what helped you to the finishing line?
Besides being blessing by having a very positive support from Toastmaster friends, I am glad that I am a type of person who always think positive and always have a mind to finish up what ever have been started.

Q6. What is the greatest satisfaction in achieving your CC?
Besides being able to polish my communication skills in English, I have the chance to get to know great people outside my working environment.

Q7. What would you like to say to those new members starting their CC?
Always think positive!! The achievement that you will get is not for anybody but for YOURSELF. Toastmaster is a place for you to learn and practice by doing it. Take this chance!! Members of Toastmaster are like brothers and sisters to you. They will guide you through out the process. Lastly, your success is depending on you. Thus, the choice is in your hands!
Looking forward to see you as one of the CC's!

Q8. How has the Toastmasters program helped you at work and at home?
At work, Toastmaster helps me to build up my communication skills with peers and managers.
At home, Toastmaster helps me to appreciate my family more than before since on of the key items that I have learnt from Toastmasters is: we respect people as they deserve to be respected.

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SMS Penang said...

Congratulations again Kadijah for achieving your CC. You are a role model for all young and new Toastmasters.