Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama vs McCain Table Topics Session

Photo taken from BBC News

My personal reaction while watching live the last of the third debate between Senator Barrack Obama and Senatohr John McCain was answering questions sitting facing each other around a table.
How did they fare as table topics speakers?

Initially both have to overcome nervousness:

Obama: I felt he tried to keep himself looking cool and focused. Seldom smile, serious. Lots of ehs when he struggles.

McCain: Tried to look cheerful and smile and even laugh. His eyes wink a lot and he always seem to make his eyes bigger. Always using the paper and pen to give the impression that he is taking down notes.

Obama: Flashed his rare all teeth bared smile when John McCain made a claim he does not agreed. Based his argument of facts and numbers. More logical.

McCain: Used his hand gestures liberally. Like to bring out names of others and tell stories. More personal.

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