Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How many Clubs in Penang (Pulau Pinang)?

(Updated July 14, 2009)

If you are looking to join or visit a Toastmasters Club in Penang, Malaysia, here is my list to help you decide.

Some clubs are extra dynamic. Some are smaller and cosier. Others may not meet as often. So do call ahead using this Toastmasters Internatioanal Official Directory. If not sure, you can post here. Most community clubs will welcome walk-in guests who are interested to know more about the Toastmasters program for self-development in communication and leadership skills.

Note: (Year of Charter, Membership, Meeting Time)

I) PENANG ISLAND (Community Clubs)
Bayan Baru (1996, 43, 1st, 3rd Thu 8pm)
Butterworth (1980, 13, 2nd, 4th Wed 8pm)
YMCA (1985, 20, 1st, 3rd Thu 8pm)
Penang (1979, 11, 2nd, 4th Tue 8pm)
Achievers (2005, 20, 2nd, 4th Thu 8pm)
Gurney Hydro (2007, 20, 1st, 3rd Wed 8pm)
Farlim (2005, 23, 2nd, 4th Wed 8pm)
Vista Penang (2002, 22, 1st, 3rd Tue 7pm)
Sungai Ara (2006, 13, 2nd, 4th Tue 8pm)
Penang Advanced (2002, 13, 2nd, 4th Fri 7:30pm)
Helping Hand Advanced (2009, 20, 1st, 3rd Mon 8pm)
Oracle Advanced (2009, 20, 2nd Sat 2pm)
Penang MCA (1997, 20, 1st, 3rd Tue 8pm)
Bukit Gelugor (2006, 24, 2nd, 4th Wed 7pm)
MCA Batu Ferringhi (2005, 6, 4th Thu 8pm)
Penang Junior Chamber (2008, 7, 2nd, 4th Sat 1:30pm)
Voices (1999, 20, 2nd, 4th Thu 8pm)

Bayan Baru Mandarin (1998, 24, 2nd, 4th Thu 8:30pm)
Penang Hokkien Assn. (1999, 22, 1st, 3rd Wed 8:30pm)
Chee Hoon Khor (2002, 11, 1st, 3rd Thu 8:30pm)
Charismastic Leader (2000, 10, 1st, 3rd Tue 8:30pm)
Superstar Mandarin (2008, 8, 2nd, 4th Tue 8pm)
Talkup Advanced Mandarin (2005, 6, 2nd Wed 8:30pm)

Penang Tamil (6, 2nd, 4th Wed 8:45pm)

YMSC Penang Bilingual (2007, 11, 2nd & 4th 9:30pm)

II) PENANG ISLAND (Inhouse Clubs)
Intel Penang (1993, 25, 1st, 3rd Thu 6pm)
Intel Malaysia Speakup (2006, 6, 1st, 3rd Fri 3pm)
Penang Seagate (2002, 35, 2nd, 4th Thu 12pm)
PDC (1989, 20, 2nd, 4th Thu 4pm)
Dell Penang (2005, 21, Thu 6pm)
Penang Adventist Hospital (2007, 21,1st,3rd Wed 5:25pm)
Penang Altera (2008, 22, 1st, 3rd Mon 12pm)
Motorola Penang (2005, 27, 1st, 3rd Thu 12pm)
Institut Perkim-Goon 1 (2004, 20, 2nd, 4th Sat 10am)
Renesas Semiconductor (2003, 26, 2nd, 4th Tue 6pm)
RenesasSuccessPenang(2007, 20, 1st, 3rd Tue 6:30pm)
RDM (2008, 6, 2nd, 4th Thu 6pm)
Benchmark Penang (2007, 13, 2nd, 4th Wed 12pm)
Equator (2008, 8, 1st, 3rd Wed 6pm)
USM Alumni (2007, 8, 2nd, 4th Tue 4:30pm)
Venture (2008, 0, 2nd, 4th Thu 5pm)
Pentamaster (2009, 25, 2nd, 4th Fri 12pm)

III) PENANG MAINLAND (Community Clubs):
Seberang Jaya (1998, 20, 1st, 3rd Tue 8pm)
Bagan Ajam (2006, 26, 2nd, 4th Fri 8:15pm)
Bukit Mertajam Bigfoot (2006, 9, 2nd, 4th Wed 8pm)
MEF (2003, 20, 1st, 3rd Thu 8pm)
Sungai Bakap (8, 2nd, 4th Thu 8pm)

Wellesley Mandarin (2003, 13, Wed 8:30pm)
CES Mandarin (2008, 6, Wed 9pm)

IV) PENANG MAINLAND (Inhouse Clubs):
Amphenol (2009, 20, 1st, 3rd Wed 5:30pm)
Ann Joo Steel (2005, 6, 2nd, 4th Wed 12:30pm)
MDT (2008, 22, Mon 12pm)
Team Flantech(2008, 20, 1st, 3rd Wed 8pm)
Mattel Malaysia (2008, 29, Tue 12pm)

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Ng said...

DTM SL Liew, what an excellent piece of information to all Penang Toastmasters members. Just one amendment on Oracle Advanced TMC meeting time. The exco decided to change the meeting form 10.00 am to 2.00pm on every 2nd saturday of the month. We are having our first meeting on this coming Sat., 2.00pm, at CityBayview Georgetown. Level 2, Sri Gangsa Room. On behalf of Oracle Advanced members, is an honour for me to invite you to our first meeting. Please drop by if you are free.

Ng Soon Kheong
Club Mentor