Friday, July 31, 2009

Bayan Baru Toastmaters Club President's 2009-2010 Theme Speech

"Imparting Knowledge, Realizing Dreams"

What I envision this term is to make simple practical changes.

As a community club we are privileged to have members from diverse backgrounds. Every member has a different views and expertise.

We are people organization. To sustain and grow, we need to constantly encourage one another and build each other up. Be generous with your praises.

Think or try out something out of the box. TMEs, role players if you have any new ideas, bring it up to the VPE or me. Let’s coordinate for the better.

For tenured members, I would encourage all of you to continue to doing assignments. A knife needs to be honed else it will rust. Learning is a life long process, by going thru the assignment second time around, you might have different insight.

I have a dream. A dream to lead the club to greater heights to my best of my ability. In order to achieve my dream, I need to make a major decision... A decision which is to stand out of my comfort zone. With past learnings as exco member within the club and with club members support nothing is impossible.

Every one of us has dreams. Dreams are just dreams if it is not put to action.

We are at the beginning of the term. Have your education goals written out and determine a dateline for yourself. Why? It helps you to be focus. It also helps the club officers to track your educational progress.

Toastmasters program gives equal opportunity to all who wants to focus on the leadership track. Most of us are rarely given opportunity in real working environment. Toastmasters program is a proven program that has transform many lifes and careers. Take a step beyond the four walls by making your self available as a resource.

Time management
In the moments of truth, one of the reasons members cannot be retained and potential members do not sign up is due to poor time management. How can we make a manage it? Make it a point to arrive early and all role players need to work within the allocated time slots. Everyone’s time is precious. Time that flies will never return. If there any additional follow up, you may do offline via phone or email.

What can we do if we arrive earlier? Help to set up the meeting room, greet one another and initiate a conversation to get know one another better. Sometimes we have guest attending our meetings. Brief them on the meeting flow and get to know them better during break.

When a meeting runs overtime, guest and members leave meeting in a hurry as they need to get back to work the next day or fulfill their commitment with their family... There is no time to bid farewell or close off the sale with potential members. After every meeting ends, some members still need time to clear the room.

"Change is inevitable. Change is constant"....Benjamin Disraeli

With this few positive changes we will achieve to great heights.

Looking forward to serve all of you.

Jessica Teo
President 2009/2010
Bayan Baru Toastmasters (7764-51)

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