Friday, July 10, 2009

New District 51 Governor Richard Chong's Message

"Greetings and salutations to the members District 51!

You were born to be significant. As you begin the term 2009-2010 on July 01st 2009 within your club under the leadership of your Club President and the new executive committee, you will have the one opportunity to transform yourself and the club in which you are a member.

You can choose to be a volunteer and yet still shape your world to your specifications, or you can be a victim and let circumstances dictate your design. You can choose to ensure your significance in your club even if it is only for a term. You don't have to wait until much of your life is past before thinking about the legacy that you leave. The earlier you begin to participate meaningfully within your club, area, division and beyond, the greater the impact you make on your own world and of course your club.

It is determined by what you do and why you do it. In your club activities, the one year term is short when measured by the things you can do with it. The challenge, then, is to choose your actions and activities meaningfully.
Every moment you give to insignificance diminishes your significance.

You can also achieve significant by completing an educational award as in Competent Communicator or an Advanced Communicator award or the Leadership award. The significance of completing this challenging task will ensure your club of achieving the educational goals, support your club meeting and help to attain the minimum Distinguished Club status for the coming term.Introducing this program to people at your workplace or community is another very significant thing you can do. By doing so, you will witness how they will speak their way to magical transformation.

You were born to be significant, and your support to your home club is invaluable. Use the opportunity to transform yourself through the world’s leading organization in communication and leadership training within your club and beyond.As you embark on another new term and journey in your Toastmasters world,

I wish you every success.I know that you will gain the confidence and leadership to serve your club and our district.

I look forward to witnessing you in speaking your way to magical transformation as a Toastmaster.

Toastmasters: Speaking Your Way to Magical Transformation

Yours in Toastmasters,

Richard Chong @ Ritchie, DTM
District 51 Governor 2009-2010"
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