Wednesday, July 29, 2009

AH1N1 - No handshakes, self-quarrantine

Photo: A(H1N1)Virus, Source: Internet

Today, there are more reports of schools being closed in Malaysia due to local transmission of AH1N1 infection.

Not to create a panic, it is important to keep ourselves updated on the current situation and take public health and personal health precautions.

My personal opinion, if you feel unwell with high fever and suspect you may be having a flu, stay away from Toastmasters events and go see a doctor immediately.

According to BBC online source, "a fever - which is a temperature of 38ºC (100.4ºF) - is the key symptom, combined with other complaints which may include a cough, sore throat, body aches, chills and aching limbs. Some people with the virus have also reported nausea and diarrhoea." Symptons are known to vary in degrees and mildness from person to person.

At Club meetings, instead of the routine handshake, we can greet each other or transfer control of meeting with a warm and hearty smile and plenty of friendly eye contact.

Personally, I feel that wearing a face mask during a club meeting or sneezing and coughing continuously during a club meeting is best avoided. Just stay away until you feel better. Food for thought.

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